BluWood is a new product designed to protect all structural wood components from termites, fungus, rot and mold.

BluWood is the product of a factory-applied, two-product treatment now called the Perfect Barrier System. First, the infusion film encapsulates wood substrates, forming a water-repellant, vapor-permeable barrier, which allows vapor to escape while keeping damaging, costly moisture out. The next step of this proprietary technology is the DOT Wood Preservative, a proven fungicide and insecticide that provides protection from rot, fungi and insects – making the wood virtually uninhabitable.

Also central to the product’s effectiveness is its ability to protect wood components from the moment they leave the treatment facility, and remain protected throughout the construction process – a time when traditional wood treatments are particularly vulnerable to exposure caused by construction delays, weather and other factors. BluWood also carries a lifetime warranty, which is transferable through sales to successive owners for the first 30 years of its life span.

Not designed to be an exclusive “boutique” product, BluWood fits easily into the normal contractor’s supply chain
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Frank Garcea, Monarch Corporation
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